Monday, 27 April 2009

Chicken Shed

Adrian has built a small chicken run for the chicks, mostly from bits laying around his garden and the farm (like an old 'hope tree' sign and some roofing battens).  I'll get some more pictures of the chicks soon as they are getting fairly big now.  Unfortunately it is looking like we might have 7 cockerels and no layers, but at least that means we have some nice meals coming soon.

In the picture below you can see some sort of wild animal has managed to get inside the chicken run with a drill.

Update on the baby goats.

'Buster' and 'Twist' are now so tame that even our regular volunteer Hans 'Mintcake' Kendall is starting to get over his fear of animals and embrace them.

'Buster' is getting frustrated with everyone taking pictures of him so has started to make rude gestures to the camera.

The goats like to check the pigs are keeping their place clean.

'Buster' gave a very good report on the standard of Adrian's roofing skills.

'Twist' and 'Buster' aren't too keen on any humans entering the pig pen and have been known to knock me to the ground to get me out.

Here are the deadly duo.  'Buster' on the left and 'Twist' on the right.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Gloucester Old Spots

Our latest additions to the farm are a pair of gloucester old spot pigs.  They are both males and we do plan to eat them, so as a result the plan is not to name them.  However they have picked up the temporary names 'Not Yet' and 'Don't Know', due to the amount of people asking what their names are.

Adrian built this pig ark from material that we found laying around the farm and his own back garden.  The pigs seem very happy with it.

Our two youngest goats have already made friends with the pigs which has been a bit of a suprise.  The baby goats are able to squeeze through the fencing and we have seen them licking the pigs and the pigs licking them back several times.

Hans Kendall came to visit the farm and although he was terrified of them, eventually managed to make friends with one of the pigs.

Both of our boys look really happy in their new home and they have loads of room to run around in since Andi, Steve and James put up a new stock fence.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Grafitti Art

We had grafitti artist AKS join us for a day to brighten up the inside of the big shed.  He used some pictures that we had taken of our goats and drew outlines for us to paint.  Then we found the right colours and began making the outlines look like pictures.  By the end of the day the shed looked fantastic.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Hatching of the Eggs

26th March

We bought 18 mixed colour orpington chicken eggs on eBay to put in our incubator.  3 weeks later 7 of the eggs hatched in our classroom.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

New born goats.

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

The baby goats at 1 day old.  Mark Underwood accidently named the boy 'Buster' and the girl is now called 'Twist'.


'Buster' on the left and 'Twist' on the right.  The middle one isn't a goat.

The proud mum 'Miriam'