Friday, 8 May 2009

The chicks' big move.

The chicks have now been moved to the farm and all seven are still looking nice and healthy.  We have introduced them to the goats, who were very curious about the new additions and they seem to be getting along fine.

The chicks will live in this ark for the next few weeks.  After that we will move them into a bigger premises.

'Twist' keeps following them around and is still not 100% sure what to make of them.

'Joy' (As named by Hans)

'Spice' is attempting to blend in as a chicken.

The seven chicks, now 6 weeks old.

Indian Runner Ducks

We now have 5 Indian Runner duck eggs in our incubator.  There were 6 eggs but when I got home after a weekend away there was quite a distinct smell filling my flat.  On closer inspection the smell was coming from one of the eggs which means that one of them hasn't made it and had to be thrown away.

They are due to hatch on or around the 20th May.  Watch this space for an update.