Monday, 15 June 2009

Wild man of the woods

At the Kadesh Farm we managed to photograph a rare sighting of our very own resident wildman
(aka Jake)


Steve teaching Twist circus tricks
Roger and mark brought this trailer up to the farm whilst putting up the new gate. The goats thought it was a new adventure playground.
This bale of straw delivered by Cecil was something to play on too.
Not sure what Twist finds so funny but she's probably laughing at Steve's antics.
Buster, Twist and Spice chillin'


The ducklings have now moved to the farm and are enjoying their new pad.
In the absence of a mother they will follow any pair of legs that happens to walk past. It's quite a comical sight to see someone walking along the path followed closely by a line of five little waddling ducklings (actually, being runner ducks, they run, not waddle).

One of the ducklings has found a safe warm place to fall asleep. 
I think he thinks Jake is Mother Duck
The ducklings' new pond

Monday, 1 June 2009

Indian Runners

The Indian Runner ducks have now hatched and are causing mischief already.  We had 6 eggs of which 5 have hatched and developed into healthy little beasts.  Andi's cats are scared of them because when they run around the floor they make a lot of little patting noises, so they have been staying there for now without fear of being attacked by cats.  They will be moved upto the farm in a few weeks time.  There are only 4 ducks in these pictures as 1 of them took a little longer to hatch than the others.