Monday, 28 September 2009

Roast Chicken Dinner

We had four cockerels and only two hens so last week three of the 
cockerels had to be despatched.

In celebration of its life we plucked, gutted and roasted one of them!


Jake and Matt plucking the cockerel.

First egg!

Pingu the black hen laid her first egg! 
She made a little nest in the nest box and popped one out!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Carrots are meant to help your eyesight right?

We thought carrots were meant to help your eyesight... seems not for Mim. Her 20:20 vision has gone so we had to buy her glasses. And she is going grey in her old age.

Here's the proof!

4 New Piglets

We have four new piglets coming to the farm. They are taking the place of the pigs we used to have. These new additions will be joining the farm on Sunday 20th September. They are Gloucester Old Spots, the same breed as our previous pigs.

Guinea Fowl chicks

We have a new addition to the the farm family. We have 10 Guinea Fowl chicks which have kindly been donated by Phillip Merton. These new additions are alot more timid than the chickens or the ducklings and don't like being picked up too much.

Fruit In The Orchard

We have lots of fruit. We have apples, blackberries, pears, plums and we are making elderberry wine (adults only!). Poached pears covered in melted chocolate are just the best!

Sausages, nice juicy sausages

Our pigs have been taken to the slaughter :-(. Adrian and John Heasley had the job of taking them to the slaughter house for us. I think Adrian is still recovering from the trauma. They have become nice juicy sausages, chops and pork joints. They taste GOOD! Really delicious. The pork has quite a bit of fat but that is usual with rare breed meat and is why they are not used commercially. The flavour is worth all the effort. We now have a chest freezer full of meat. Ask Steve if you fancy buying any. 

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

We are married! The farm was the venue for our wedding. We decorated the picnic area with bunting, had a hog roast and everyone who came brought some food. We had a wonderful day and celebrated it with our good friends and family. Thanks to everyone who helped make the day so memorable.

Adrian giving Andi away:

Andi and Steve being wed:

4 cockerels and 3 hens

Wahey we have some layers. We have 4 cockerels and 3 hens. Unfortunately Limpy, one of our hens, has died. SO we now have 2 hens and 4 cockerels.

R.I.P. Limpy

3 of the cockerels are due to be made into Sunday dinner this week. We can't keep all of them unfortunately, especially as they outnumber the hens 2:1.

Grown Up Ducks

Our duckings are all grown up. They are now fully grown and are part of the family. They waddle around the farm and have settled in well. They are very comical and chatter away to each other endlessly. We have two ducks and three drakes. We need to get another duck to make things even because they like to pair up. 

Veg beds

The veg beds have been built and are being prepared for growing vegetables next spring. The weeding process has begun and the beds are nearly ready.

Being built:

Time for food?

The picnic area has been fully cleared and is now available for use. With fresh green grass, and benches to come when completed, this area of the farm is peaceful and a nice place to relax. It's also a goat free area so you can enjoy your picnic in peace!

A new gate

Roger Dukes and Mark Underwood have put up the new farm gate. The animals are now securely enclosed in the farm. This new gate is about 6ft tall and weighs a ton!

No more homeless chickens

It turns out that we have 3 hens, they are not all cockerels. Our layers now have a place to lay their eggs each morning. The hens are not laying at the moment... or they are and we just haven't found the eggs yet. Hopefully they will start laying soon so we can have eggs for breakfast. Adrian built this hen house out of the old wood that was boarding up the windows and the old pump house doors. Excellent bit of recycling.